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Oct. 17, 2020

When I Talked to Aliens plus Keycode Activations for Starseeds!

When I Talked to Aliens plus Keycode Activations for Starseeds!

Welcome #twinflames and #Pleiadian family who are on earth.! This week's episode shares Arabella's experience on earth translating alien messages etc plus she provides you with FREE activations of your keycodes for divine union as the gatekeeper she is. She share's a bit about the time period when she was working with the Aliens in Southern California during  2015 (yes, really!) plus some chakra clearing and activations for you to get re-centered; these are for ANYONE who resonates with being a Starseed aka Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lemurian. 

You'll be breathing, clearing and aligning chakras during this activation. Please be in a safe, quiet, private place! 

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