We Believe All Paths Lead Home & We are All Children of the Same Universe.

You Are Your Perfect Partner - How Relationship Mirrors Our Own Love

This one hour Weekly Scheduled Spiritual Service will provide a spiritual lesson and focus, meditation, and prayer plus worldwide energetic connection.

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Rev. Arabella is the Spiritual Director and Founder of Real World International Ministries in Chicago, Illinois. She will lead each week's discussion with real world examples of life as a spiritual being having a human experience with her passion...and will often break immense rules of traditional "church" because authenticity is the name of the game in 2023. No dogmas around these parts!

We believe ALL paths lead home & this weekly space will embrace all who wish to learn about metaphysics and the esoteric with an open heart and mind. All are welcome - invite a friend or two by sharing this event.

Learn more about Rev. Arabella, listen to a podcast, watch videos or book Spiritual Healing Services, submit prayer requests here: www.ThisIsArabella.life

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