We Believe All Paths Lead Home & We are All Children of the Same Universe.

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Yesterday, I discussed the "God" wound, but today, we're talking about CHURCH and all the emotional triggering around the word or thought of church.

Here's the importance of looking at our negative reactions...it's a wound AND as we awaken on our spiritual journey I hear SO many that fall into depression and loneliness as they don't fit anywhere (dark night of the soul) and can't find support!

However, there IS support yet it's often us who is rejecting community, which resembles (drumroll please...) a church setting or group or vibe, even when it's spiritual, not religious.

We are terrified to walk into the doors that bring back memories of dysfunction, abuse for some, insane family members, stupid dogma, fear of hell, etc. etc.

This block around "church" runs very deep in many and cuts us off from opportunity to congregate with others on similar paths that ARE spiritual...that's why it's important to look at our beliefs around silly words like God or Church & the old energy being held onto even though those situations are over and done.

In 2023, we the people, desperately are in need of Unity vs. Separation. Our thoughts are creating the separation, folks.

The current (but far from new) Evangelical bandwagon of hypocrisy and anger is likely triggering some that grew up around their influence. Time to heal!

Join with those in alignment with who you are NOW, and lay to rest inner turmoil from the past...it's like shooting yourself in the foot otherwise. Ouch!

You are worthy of community support! They aren't all the same, but if you think they are, they will be. We create our reality.

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