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INTENTION -- It's often misunderstood, so let's discuss! We often let ego attach to focusing upon being a (insert job title).

We often let ego focus on Money as though it's our Source, however Money is a physical manifestation on earth from our co-creation with Source/Universe/God who responds to our energy output & our beliefs.

A job title and money are often thought by our ego as the bringer of "happiness!" When in actuality when you learn how to set INTENTIONS from the heart (our core) instead of from our head (our ego), then you will attain what your SOUL actually desires.

Let's break it down further...

Them: I need money!!!

God: "You "need" money, you say?" Well... OKAY! Yes! you DO need money because we always say YES to your every thought and statement and bitching and whining...

God: Do you really want another job? Work harder? Or would you like Financial Freedom? Is that your heart's TRUE intention?

Them: Well, what my heart truly desires IS financial freedom, YES.

God: It is so! Allow financial freedom to come in miraculous ways through gifts, coupons, raises, inheritance, free lodging, new opportunities, etc.

God: And to get it going, tune into your HEART and write down how it FEELS to be financially free! And be grateful for what is already on its way to you. We've already said YES!

Them: I believe it, so I'll receive it. I FEEL it is coming my way.

If you want to learn more about finding your real INTENTION, manifesting it, and having support in doing so...send me a DM today! #spiritual #divinefeminine #guru