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GOD wounding...it's a thing. A big thing! Just that three-letter word triggers so many due to false dogmas, family religious beliefs shoved down our throats, the "you're going to hell" if you do this, that or the other thing.

Here's the thing...if a word triggers you emotionally, it is showing you where your healing "work" is! So it's a gift.

Even as a metaphysical minister, I rejected God and Jesus for decades! And denied my inner Christ/Buddha (consciousness) due to evangelical church influences and the amount of brainwashing, guilt, shame, and hypocrisy within these organizations I witnessed daily. And you can still witness it in 2023!!!...those that can't think for themselves follow doctrines blindly, not realizing they ARE the divine consciousness in human form.

As a Spiritual Wayshower, I call out BS in the matrix and the dysfunctional systems at hand. And I had to call out my own BS first and foremost in order to shed light on outdated systems in society...like church, the old man GOD who is outside of us...and generally evangelists who point fingers, take away our human rights & freedom, books and support murder and guns. BS!

What's your story? Let's reveal & shine light on the Truth together! 🤲 ❤️

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