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Live Psychic! "What Are the Eclipses Helping You Change In Your Life? * Free Tarot Readings

Soul Tribe Sunday -- Live Psychic! We will be asking, "What Are the Eclipses Helping You Change In Your Life? for the collective/soul tribe then as time allows I'll ask on your behalf with a personal message of guidance.

April 30, 2022: The new moon solar eclipse in Taurus & is the first eclipse of the year. It's also a rare Black Moon.

May 15, 2022: Total Eclipse of the Moon

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Rev. Arabella Marie is a metaphysical Minister & Practitioner who works with multi-dimensional beings including the Angelics, Gatekeeper for the Twin Flame Counsel, Pleiadians, Sirians, Atlantans and Arcturian Galactic Light Counsels who will fill you up as you hear the messages delivered.

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