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July 13, 2020

Turn Rage into Healing - Daily #Psychic Tarot Guidance Monday July 13

Turn Rage into Healing - Daily #Psychic Tarot Guidance Monday July 13

With Chiron going into Retrograde over the past weekend, we are stepping into our wounds and turning them into healing. Chiron is "the wounded healer" and so are you. The internal rage, anger you've been trying to hide has to be dived into in order to heal it for good. Rumi wrote, "The wound is where the light enters you" -- it is time to lead the Light in.  *PLEASE NOTE: I mentioned Mercury going Retrograde this week, it was actually yesterday, July 12 however we are still in the shadow effects of this and will influence this entire week!

Oracle decks used: Twin Tarot Oracle by Jeni Bethel and Ascended Masters Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. 

I am a divine translator of the Angelic realm, twin flame collective and tapped into the energies of the Universe to provide you guidance on your spiritual journey each day. 

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