Spiritual Guidance to elevate your Consciousness.

Elevate Your Life!

Spiritual Life Coaching - Elevate Your Life!

Ready to elevate your life? Work with me one-on-one.

Your 1 hr. session will include everything from Reiki to Tarot Cards to Numerology or speaking with your deceased loved ones depending on your spirit guides request, on ANY topics you are needing to live your best life!

Rev. Arabella Marie is an intuitive spiritucoach (psychic) who makes a connection with the individual's spirit guides & higher self to obtain specific helpful information about the individual's life circumstances & life path.

Rev. Arabella Marie is a metaphysical Minister & Practitioner who works with multi-dimensional beings including the Angelics, Gatekeeper for the Twin Flame Counsel, Pleiadians, Sirians, Atlantans and Arcturian Galactic Light Counsels who will fill you up with Light & activiations as you hear the messages delivered. She is a Master Healer and her spiritual gifts are well developed and been used for healing humanity for decades. This is not your basic psychic reading!


Angel Message - What do Angels Want You to Know?

What would your Angel guidance team like you to know today?

This channeled reading from psychic medium & channeler, Arabella, will get you the quick guidance you are seeking today!

Let the divine love of the Angelic Realm fill you up as you read the automatic writings they send through our Channel named Arabella (the answered prayer).

Arabella works closely with Archangel Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, & Daniel (angel of marriage)

** All Readings are Channeled through automatic writing into a Word document and emailed to you**

You receive a short written report in Word format by email with your message.
Note: This is not a video or phone reading.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase this reading. By purchasing it, you are agreeing that you are 18 years or older. This reading is not intended to replace legal, medical or psychological advice. I'm required by law to state that this is for entertainment purposes only.


Twin Flame Love Letters eBook -- Divine Messages from the Masculine

Hello, Divine Lovers! Separated from your love? Wondering how the masculine feels?

You'll enjoy my e-Book, LOVE LETTERS. Messages of Love from the Divine Masculine Consciousness. You'll receive as a .pdf to download.

Details: 50 pages & nearly 12,000 words long.

Description: A book of unspoken words channeled from the collective consciousness of masculine energy reminded its author, Rev, Arabella Marie, of her long history with writing letters of love to those she loved. Often her words of love landed on wounded hearts and rejection ensued.

Never fear, love lives on and hope returned as rejection turned her back to self-love and a new appreciation for life, love and others.

These writings of unspoken love are written to heal, give hope and some new understanding to its readers.

If you are a twin flame, twin soul, high level soul mate or highly evolved being, I am knowing your heart will deeply resonate with this content.


Oracle Card Deck - Path to Inner Union Cards for Twin Flames/Soul Mates

High Vibe Oracle Cards to use as Spiritual Tools to elevate your Consciousness. Each oracle card has been channeled for you by Twin Flame Gatekeeper for Union, Rev. Arabella Marie.

The cover artwork was painted in meditative state with energetic activation's for your journey into inner union.

There is no guide book but there is a description card included as these Oracle Card Messages are to be used with your own trusted intuitive psychic guidance and/or in conjunction with your favorite Oracle or Tarot Decks. Set a heart intention by thinking of the person or problem in question, shuffle cards, and deal as many as you are guided.

Each deck of 54 cards is packaged in purple velvet drawstring bag. Price includes worldwide shipping!

Note that your deck is printed when order is placed & shipped directly to your home - worldwide! 2 to 4 weeks delivery time is the norm. We are unable to deliver to PO boxes, APO & FPO addres

Original Copyright Art by Rev. Arabella Marie.