We Believe All Paths Lead Home & We are All Children of the Same Universe.

Spiritual Services

Alien Remembrance - Who Am I? Alien Channeled Messages

ALIEN CHANNELING. This offering is channeled from your alien pod origination field and written through automatic writing and emailed to you. 750 to 1000 words +/-

Have you always felt like an Alien? Wondered who you are? Pleaidian, Arcturian, Sirian, Atlantian written guidance will help you understand a bit more about you being on earth, but not of earth which often settles challenges you face being here on earth. Understanding our origination for a (or many) past lives can soothe our weary soul while here on earth.

Rev. Arabella was incarnated in 1965 on earth as a First Wave Blue Ray Indigo with many lifetimes as a Pleiadian and Atlantian and recollections of short lifetimes as Arcturian.


Auric Cleanse, Alignment & Golden Ray Activation

CLEANSE & ALIGNMENT. This 33 minute Healing Session on Zoom will cleanse your Auric field of dense, outdated energies especially from past partners. It will align your Chakras and re-calibrate your Head with your Heart. In closing you will be ordained with the Golden Ray Activation of (Christ/Buddha) Consciousness to elevate you in your personal ascension process after your energetic fields are cleansed and aligned.

The Light of the Golden Ray is Pure Consciousness which will envelop you inside and out. Serious Seekers only, please.

Read Rev. Arabella's Reviews to understand the life changing that is possible from working with her.


Guidance from Your Ancestors - Psychic Medium Messages - Any Topic

PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP. What would your Ancestor(s) like you to know about your situation?

This channeled reading from psychic medium & divine channel, Rev. Arabella, will get you the quick guidance you are seeking. Your messages are delivered in a private Youtube video that is 22 minutes long.

Let the divine love of Rev. Arabella and the Ancestors fill you up & heal you as you watch your messages on Youtube.

Rev. Arabella is a Medium and can communicate with those that have passed recently or after their transcendence when specific names are requested in your questions of guidance - otherwise general ancestors, whom you may not know of, will be communicated with to help you overcome your hurdles or challenges.


Guidance from Your Angels - Messages of Guidance - Any Topic

ANGEL MESSAGES. What would your Angelic Guides like you to know today about your situation?

This channeled reading from psychic medium & divine channel, Rev. Arabella, will get you the quick Angel Guidance you are seeking. Your messages are delivered in a private Youtube video that is 22 minutes long.

Let the divine love of the Angelic Realm fill you up & heal you as you watch your messages from our Channel named Arabella (the answered prayer).

Rev. Arabella works closely with Archangel Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael & Daniel (angel of marriage).


Heart Opening - Healing Session - Remove Heart Chakra Blocks

HEART OPENING - This 45 minute Healing Heart Opening Session on Zoom is a life changer! If you have been seeking divine love in a relationship, want to deepen your self love and self compassion then book today.

An open HEART is your path to experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Rev. Arabella will energetically remove old trauma, clear dense energies of heartbreak, wounds of rejection, abandonment and clear the Heart Chakra to activate into its fullest and highest possible functioning. An open heart chakra allows us to see all of the beauty and love around us, and truly connect to ourselves, our loved ones, and the natural world. This chakra also helps direct love back to ourselves to truly be able to love and accept ourselves, our bodies & others.

The Heart leads us to our True home and out of our intellectualizing love, romance, the spiritual journey, being a martyr and past heartbreak.

Read Arabella's Reviews page to understand what's truly possible for your life!


Oracle Card Deck - Path to Inner Union Cards for Twin Flames/Soul Mates

High Vibe Oracle Cards to use as Spiritual Tools to elevate your Consciousness. Each oracle card has been channeled for you by Twin Flame Gatekeeper for Union, Rev. Arabella Marie.

The cover artwork was painted in meditative state with energetic activation's for your journey into inner union.

There is no guide book but there is a description card included as these Oracle Card Messages are to be used with your own trusted intuitive psychic guidance and/or in conjunction with your favorite Oracle or Tarot Decks. Set a heart intention by thinking of the person or problem in question, shuffle cards, and deal as many as you are guided.

Each deck of 54 cards is packaged in purple velvet drawstring bag. Price includes worldwide shipping!

Note that your deck is printed when order is placed & shipped directly to your home - worldwide! 2 to 4 weeks delivery time is the norm. We are unable to deliver to PO boxes, APO & FPO addres

Original Copyright Art by Rev. Arabella Marie.


Release Resistance into Surrender - Energy Healing Session

ENERGY HEALING. This 15 minute Zoom Session is focused upon Surrender (into ease) and will release resistance by communicating energetically with your inner child, tuning into past life Akashic records and the energy body and/or auric fields which contain information that may be holding onto past trauma(s) and blocking you from surrendering into your highest expression of divine Self.

Read Rev. Arabella's Reviews to understand the powerful healing potentiality from this & other healing sessions.


Sexual Healing - Personalized Healing Audio

If you are a fan of our "Bedtime with Bella" erotic healing meditation podcast series -- then this healing service is for you! (if you aren't familiar, you can find a tab above of Arabella's podcasts).

The feedback from men, in particular, is astoundingly powerful healing from simply listening to the recorded erotic meditations which give permission to be sexual, to enjoy your own body, to remove any hidden shame around sex (often held within our inner child). Check her reviews tab for more feedback!

Rev. Arabella will record a PERSONALIZED audio meditation of approximately 15 minutes for the purchaser. She will use their name during the recording and channeling healing messages for the specific issue they are working to overcome.


Twin Flame Love Letters eBook -- Divine Messages from the Masculine SOLD OUT!

Hello, Divine Lovers! Separated from your love? Wondering how the masculine feels?

You'll enjoy my e-Book, LOVE LETTERS. Messages of Love from the Divine Masculine Consciousness. You'll receive as a .pdf to download.

Details: 50 pages & nearly 12,000 words long.

Description: A book of unspoken words channeled from the collective consciousness of masculine energy reminded its author, Rev, Arabella Marie, of her long history with writing letters of love to those she loved. Often her words of love landed on wounded hearts and rejection ensued.

Never fear, love lives on and hope returned as rejection turned her back to self-love and a new appreciation for life, love and others.

These writings of unspoken love are written to heal, give hope and some new understanding to its readers.

If you are a twin flame, twin soul, high level soul mate or highly evolved being, I am knowing your heart will deeply resonate with this content.