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May 2, 2021

SEX & LOVE with Christ Consciousness - Interview with Guest Nate Scherer

SEX & LOVE with Christ Consciousness - Interview with Guest Nate Scherer

ARABELLA - The Love & Sex Podcast, a safe space for woke folks.  May 1 episode -- Christ Consciousness/Unconditional Love and how it can create a new paradigm for love and sex in society.  GUEST: Nate Scherer is an Artist, Writer and Dreamer that has spent most my life interested in issues surrounding love and sex. He's had to reinvent himself many times over but has found unconditional, universal love to be the only thing that has never changed in his beliefs. "I’ve had to go through a lot of religious, ideological and personal shadow work to get where I am today, but I have healed a lot and feel called to share that healing with others to help build a new unconditional loving, responsible and joyful society around love and sex for this New Age."  

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