This Is Arabella.

She made me laugh and cry!

I was totally in Awe with just the presence, experience and wisdom from Rev Arabella’s talk. Her story in how she has become who she is, is quite the journey. We can all relate and be present to never give up and to create that magical intention of manifesting and creating.

I loved how related we are as ONE; she made me laugh and cry. The stories of hitting rock bottom and only to surrender and have trust hit home.

Rev Arabella has a gift to share her story and to create what’s possible in our own lives…I adore and love her so, I only bless her with the intentions of that cosmic connection and community in how powerful beyond measure we all can be.

With much love and delight💕✨☮️

Nov. 22, 2022 by Brother Ben Shaman🪶😎💕✨☮️🤙🏾🥰 on Other

This Is Arabella.