We Believe All Paths Lead Home & We are All Children of the Same Universe.


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You Helped My Marriage!

Hi Bella. I recently came across your erotic meditation series and I just want to say thank you. I have been suffering from ED recently and didn't want to go down the route of pills. I started listening to your series last week and I was able to climax with my wife for the first time in months. Thank you so much and I hope you make some more in the future.

Sexual Shame be Gone

I really like the shame and acceptance aspect of your mindful masturbation podcasts. When you speak it feels nice, as it's almost like I have your permission to feel good about myself and my body. I am no longer using porn and want to follow the path of mindful masturbation. Thank you for your support and healing.

I have healed more in the past couple of months than I have in the last 7 years. Thank you!

Your approach resonates so much with me and I wanted to first say how grateful I am that you have taken the path of healer that you have. I have deep wounds from abandonment that have carried through into all my relationships, my life choices but more insidiously into the moment to moment automatic way in which I perceive and interact. I have failed and limited myself in so many ways I can't even begin to count. I'm 64 now with 4 wonderful grown daughters and have been working on myself in a constructive way for 7 years ... mindfulness meditation, therapy, etc ... slowly discovering myself. Your approach I find unique and so very healing. I'm a/was a survivor of Catholicism. I am also a deeply feeling and sensual person so your unique approach of Combining God and Sensuality work for me. In particular your erotic meditation podcasts and links to the divine bring up all kinds of pain that I have been able to let go of and use the energy from going deep into my body with love to make changes in my life including ending an unhealthy relationship. **All of sudden my world has opened up and I have healed more in the past couple of months than I have in the last 7 years. Thank you so much and I look forward to learning more from you and daring to live more. **

Intuitive Wisdom & Clarity of Message

Rev. Bella brings intuitive wisdom, clarity of message, and the capacity to hold space for personal growth and transformation. Her amazing ability to work with Spirit for the good of the individual is a true gift to every person that comes to her for help, healing, and life affirmation.


Thank you so much for this intuitive reading. It cleared up and confirmed many things for me. I am very grateful!

A loving spiritual teacher with many gifts!

I stumbled upon Arabella, or rather was divinely guided to her, during one of my darkest moments in life. Ever since, she is the light that is guiding me as I navigate through the darkness on my journey. I have had private coaching sessions with her, which have helped me tremendously - not just in terms of healing and developing my intuitive abilities but also in terms of expanding my awareness of who I am and the journey that I am on. Rev. Arabella is a loving spiritual teacher with many gifts. The best amongst these are her compassion and genuine willingness to support people on their spiritual path. As I reflect on the ways that she has helped me, I am at a loss for words. She is a blessing in my life and I will eternally be grateful for her support. PS: Finding the right words to express what I feel was truly challenging. Thank you for everything bella 🙏

She made me laugh and cry!

I was totally in Awe with just the presence, experience and wisdom from Rev Arabella’s talk. Her story in how she has become who she is, is quite the journey. We can all relate and be present to never give up and to create that magical intention of manifesting and creating. I loved how related we are as ONE; she made me laugh and cry. The stories of hitting rock bottom and only to surrender and have trust hit home. Rev Arabella has a gift to share her story and to create what’s possible in our own lives…I adore and love her so, I only bless her with the intentions of that cosmic connection and community in how powerful beyond measure we all can be. With much love and delight💕✨☮️

Energetic, Heart-Centered Speaker

Rev. Arabella is an energetic, authentic, relatable, heart-centered speaker. She shared her "Coming Home" message with our congregation at Unity of Walnut Creek, California with positive reviews!

Clear, Powerful, Profound, and Playful.

Speaking about real life situations and experiences, Reverend Arabella, skillfully applies spiritual Truth in clear, powerful, profound and playful ways that create heart to heart connection, stirs the soul and facilitates a shift and lift in conscious.