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April 24, 2021

LOVE & PREJUDICE - LGBTQIA, Anti-Racist, BLM​, Poverty Advocate - Rev. Champion Fleming's Story

LOVE & PREJUDICE - LGBTQIA, Anti-Racist, BLM​, Poverty Advocate - Rev. Champion Fleming's Story

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Rev. Champion Fleming (they/them) is currently the Minister of Organizational Development with the Centre for Spiritual Living in White Rock, British Columbus. They are an organizational development consultant and leadership coach working with national non-profits and labor unions who are committed to anti-racist strategies that lead to cultural and political change. Champion has worked for decades on LGBTQIA issues, AIDS awareness, poverty and racism!   Rev. Champion shares their story from a very early knowing they were "different" than the girl their mother "wanted them to be" -- and how it affected them throughout their life. They share openly about the transitions between being lesbian, into gender fluid and more recently identifying as Trans Masculine after top surgery.   

Rev. Champion is indeed a 'champion' for human rights -- their current work in the field of anti-racism, faciliating racial healing circles is shedding light on white privilege and instructing white folks so they can step into what it means to take an anti-racist stance in the world.   You do NOT want to miss this episode!  You may also LISTEN to this episode on your favorite podcast app including Spotify, iHeartRadio & Apple #Podcasts by searching: This Is Arabella.  


'Compassion Satisfaction in Action' talk: https://www.csl-whiterock.com/?wix-vod-video-id=vQtzu_SIwNQ&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-k8t673sx 

Racial Healing Circle information: https://www.csl-whiterock.com/post/join-a-racial-healing-circle-for-brave-conversation-about-race 

Are You Ready to Dismantle Racism? ["Do Your Own Work"] https://youtu.be/QQR_CaGzle4 

Looking for ways to be apart of the cultural change?  https://youtu.be/o_lHEt9XZkc 

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