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Feb. 2, 2021

Erotic Meditation | Bedtime with Bella | Touch Yourself

Erotic Meditation | Bedtime with Bella | Touch Yourself

Some of the first steps of learning Tantra (Sacred Sex/Spiritual Sex) in our sex & love relationships is to breath, touch & masturbate to become our own favorite lover. 

1. Breathing.  We begin with breathing & tune into a state of gratitude, a form of prayer to the Divine for our breath, which is a miracle. And a miracle we can sync up with another for astoundingly vulnerable connection. Deep Breathing centers us immediately!

2. Touch Yourself.  Consciously pay attention to what do you like? & what do you not like? Why do you not like it? Where does your skin tingle with touch? Or is there uncomfortablity? 

Tonight we Consciously feel every inch of your skin, it's rough spots, softness, & skin sensations or lack thereof.

For women, masturbating is one of the best ways to GROUND yourself!   We often have such a hard time "letting go!" and being in present moment -- masturbation/sex is perfect way to learn PRESENCE. Often having no clue about what their bodies needs to feel satisfied, loved, turned on/off.

Men, too, can learn presence too however they are great at "letting go" so to spend time naked, alone, touching their penis without ejaculation teaches them to honor themselves sacredly BUT to "stay". Staying instead of releasing, fleeing, running away as their ego drive is to do.  To "stay with themselves" without ejaculation is to be fully present, just nurturing & respecting themselves as God in Form & in ways no one else ever has. You are sacred, men. Worship thy cock. 

Worship is like prayer, gratitude, thanks. The cock has brought through it LIFE possibly (babies). It has brought forth pleasure...and likely, pain.   Pray for forgiveness & pray for thanks.  This is not ego praise of cock - this is respectfully tuning into it's full Divinity!

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