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Feb. 5, 2021

Erotic Meditation | Bedtime with Bella | I Love You Mantra

Erotic Meditation | Bedtime with Bella | I Love You Mantra

The high vibrational words of "I love you" can transform your #selflove journey (or daily confidence levels) by practicing giving these words to yourself...your naked bod in particular! This evening's 10 minutes is to relax, breathe, and love yourself over and over. 

It's a simple and beautiful practice to use when learning to adore yourself!

Note any uncomfortability in saying the words or giving them to yourself (things that come up are great journaling prompts!). Also note if a new "ease" takes place in your body parts where you've been formerly carrying shame, guilt or judgement! 

I love you, 


NOTE: repeat this session as you choose to boost your self-love quotient and continue healing body issues. 

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