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Dec. 22, 2022

Steps To Getting A 'WHAT IS MINE TO DO?' Attitude In This World Of Chaos

Steps To Getting A 'WHAT IS MINE TO DO?' Attitude In This World Of Chaos

I awoke briskly this morning, a rarity in and of itself. Irritated by the news I read on Politico late last night concerning the First post-Roe spending bill includes no funding boost for family planning. And even though the news wasn’t the latest and certainly not the greatest it sparked something in me that got my fingers typing as soon as my fuzzy socks hit the cold floor — What the heck is really mine to do in this immense world of daily frustrations and chaos?

In New Thought Spiritual circles many of us practice using meditation practices in combination with the query to God, “What is mine to do?”.

However life is happening for the majority of humanity outside of spiritual circles and they are drifting in the sphere of dismal social media that is overflowing with anger at Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and the atrocities happening in the war in Ukraine. If you’re online it’s likely you’ve encountered, or at least witnessed, internet trolls who are continually keeping the circulation of hate going and egging on the chaos every way possible.

It’s…a lot right now!

The Musk situation on Twitter is one such topic which so many have become hyper-focused upon instead of things of actual importance like the fact that women’s rights are being stolen from us and if feels like no one is making a peep about it anymore because it isn’t ‘trending’.

Women and girls make up half the world’s population. Yet far too often, their voices, experiences, and contributions are overlooked or undervalued. They are underrepresented in the halls of political and economic power and over-represented in poverty, while barriers—from gender-based violence and lack of political and economic opportunities, to laws that hold women to a different standard—block the path to progress. - Office of Global Women’s Issues

To be scared of losing Twitter, instead of being scared of losing our human rights, concerns me! And it should concern all of us, but the constant deluge of chaos thrown at us from every angle, whether Twitter or C-span keeps us off center, and honestly folks that is their tactic!

Patriarchy, White Supremacy, and Fascist tactics are the “their” I’m talking about. The three principles are interwoven into our country. A country named America which is at war with itself because the three elements seek to separate and control us. And they are so deeply ingrained in our daily life from birth that the majority aren’t even aware of the true significance of their influence upon them and their families.

They stir the pot to keep us in fear and overwhelm as a way to steer us away from the important topics. To keep a society off kilter is a grand strategy so we forget about the rights we don’t have and the ones they are trying to expunge from us at deeper levels as time goes by - whether it be freedom of the press or our body, our choice.

California State Capital - 2017 - Copyright Rev. Arabella Marie

I have more than once marched in the streets and sat on the steps of the Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA well before Roe v Wade was stolen away from us like a thief in the night. And the mere fact some (hu)mans, that don’t know me, can tell me what to do with my body, in any regard, should outrage all of us…and continue to outrage us until everyone’s personal liberties are protected forever more.


Roe v. Wade (1973)

The Court found that “the right of personal privacy includes the abortion decision.”

-Bill of Rights Institute


So, what is mine to do? Apparently to write this article before a proper amount of coffee has been consumed.

How about tomorrow? Possibly go speak to people on a stage like I did last weekend about waking up to their true potential and stepping into consciousness and their Christ-self. Meaning each day may be a different task to explore and share.

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And what is yours to do? I have no idea! Only you know that but hopefully I can stimulate something within you to at least consider to take a step out of the chaos and into your highest version of self so you can have the space necessary to look at how you may be able to step forward into what’s true for you.


To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti


Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Step away.

  2. Meditation and/or mindfulness

  3. Pen & paper.

  4. Drum roll please…

  • Stepping away from the chaos is always and forever the first step because as energetic beings we are picking up the energy of whatever we are consuming…political news, television bullshit or gossip. It is overwhelming our sensitive systems and then we wonder why we are stressed out beyond belief—step away…right now! Pull all of your energy back into yourself for a bit. Can you even sit with yourself in silence? I dare you!

  • Once you step away, close your eyes and breathe. Just sit there and breathe for a bit. We so often forget to breathe consciously and deliberately but it can literally reset us in just a few moments. If you can sit in meditation, even better but at least just make time to breathe.

    • If you are a more hyperactive sort of being, and can’t sit still, then go play! Playing means to go do something in a state of mindfulness alone. It is anything you get so hyper-focused upon doing in the present moment that you forget about everything outside of you — time stands still. It can be going for a walk, biking, painting, or washing the dishes. Mindfulness gives your brain a break from the overwhelming chaos of your world, and society at large.

  • Pen and paper are a beautiful thing but so often ignored as though it’s work to journal or do art therapy; however it works and can be so releasing for us. If you’ve been resistant to writing down your thoughts, or doodling, then go buy some beautiful new pens, journals or paper, and have fun with it. So many of my student’s hesitate in doing this simple yet effective practice because their inner child is afraid of doing it wrong — there is no right or wrong! Be like a child and just do it.

    • If you are angry at the world, whether it be Musk, Trump, the cost of an avocado at the supermarket or the lack of justice in the world then forcibly scribble your anger onto paper and consider burning it once your inner aggression is down on the paper. You are allowed to be angry but there are ways to let it out in a constructive way.

  • And the most important step is….drum roll please… asking God/Universe the important question, “What is mine to do?”

If you are trying to figure out your “to do” from the highest version of yourself then the above steps are encouraged to get you out of your head {and its intellect and ego influences} and into the heart of the matter.

Your heart is your Highest Guidance system and where your inquiries of the Universe come through with the clearest answers.

Will the chaos and bullshit of the world continue? Yes, absolutely! Life is transitional so change is a constant however it is possible to get clear as to your piece of the puzzle by taking conscious time to co-create with the Universe by stepping away to reconnect with your Truth. Listen to the Truth within, instead of the Chaos without.

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